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A History of Cycling in Kingston on YouTube

Wheels of Time is an excellent short video produced by the Community Brain and well worth a few minutes of your time.

And if this whets your appetite, why not find out more at the Wheels of time exhibition at the Museum of the futures in Surbiton? The exhibition closes soon, but it will be running on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Full details here.


Cycling strategy must go further, London Assembly tells mayor

This detailed article in TransportXtra gives the lowdown on the London Assembly's recent report on the Mini Hollands Scheme. You can read the full article here.


How to become a better cyclist, from a world record holder

In this practical and useful Evening Standard article, Mark Beaumont, who recently cycled around the world in the quickest time ever, has provided his top tips on how to improve your cycling ability, for any discipline, be it everyday cycling, commuting, long-distance road biking, mountain biking etc etc.

You can read the full article here


Your chance to shape cycling in Britain - Government wants to hear your thoughts

The government announced on Friday that it has launched a review into cycling and walking safety, and through the Department for Transport it wants to hear from cyclists and cycling organisations to help shape future policy.

The Department for Transport’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy: Safety Review includes a ‘call for evidence’ from cyclists, which includes the opportunity to fill in an online survey to give your thoughts on cycling/walking safety in the UK.

The full article a links to the survey are in this week's Cycling Weekly here


Cycling in old age prevents the immune system from declining

Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining and protect people against infections, scientists say. They followed 125 long-distance cyclists, some now in their 80s, and found they had the immune systems of 20-year-olds.


Cycling now the most popular form of rush hour transport on London streets, report shows

The City of London report has seen a four-fold increase in cycling in the last 19 years. To read the full article in Cycling Weekly, just follow this link.


Why cyclists should keep their cool in the face of dangerous driving

Anger is often the first response to a near miss on the road but there are better ways to hold drivers to account. In this interesting article taken from the Guardian newspaper, Charles Graham-Dixon explains how keeping calm can benefit everyone.


Council update on cycling improvements between Surbiton and Kingston

The final phases of the Surbiton to Kingston works are now underway. The Surbiton to Kingston route is aimed at improving connectivity on bike and foot between the two centres and includes a number of roads in Surbiton.

Works on Avenue Elmers and Palace Road were completed in February 2017 and a new one-way cycle lane on St Mark's Hill was opened in April 2017. New signage was installed at the end of September 2017 for the permanent traffic restriction on Surbiton Crescent, and permanent traffic islands were installed in December 2017. The road will be resurfaced and signs illuminated in the coming weeks.


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Become a cycling instructor

If you love cycling, you might consider becoming a cycling instructor. Whether you would like to make it a full-time job or you just want to pass on some skills at your local school or youth club, undertaking the National Standard Instructor training is the first step.

Kingston is the only London borough recognised as an instructor training organisation (ITO). Since 2007, we have trained more than 300 instructors for local authorities and independent providers.

You can read more about our training here, and learn more about being a Bikeability Instructor here

Get involved?

Cycling is a fantastic way to exercise, travel, and enjoy the great outdoors. Wind in the hair (under your helmet of course), sunglasses on, and a picnic in your bag. However, not everyone sees it this way.

Therefore, CycleKingston is appealing to you to share the good, the bad (and the ugly?!) We want to hear your cycling experiences, news and showcase success stories along the way too.

If you have material you think we should feature on the website, drop us an email on with the information and some images and we'll do our best to feature them.